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Suppliers - the benefits to your customers

Offer your customer a complete solution for both their equipment and finance requirements, keeping you in control during the sales process.

  • Control equals profit.
  • Increase your options in price presentation.
  • Reduce customer resistance and overcoming price barriers by offering weekly, monthly or quarterly rental figures.
  • Increase your order value as your customer may find your equipment more affordable.
  • Increase your order value as you are less likely to be asked for discounts.
  • Keep control of the account with Universal Leasing keeping you up to date of any activity on the account e.g. requests for upgrade, settlements etc.
  • Keeps you in control of your customer base allowing you to drive the upgrade path and increase future sales level.
  • You will receive prompt payment of you invoices – eliminate the risk of bad debts and save time on credit control.
  • Save time and complement your sales effort by taking advantage of the help available from Universal leasing, for example in customer liaison and training of sales people.